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COVID-19 Closure, A Message To Our Clients

To our SBPH Families:

As you may have heard, we recently had some employees test positive for COVID-19. The MN Department of Health has told us the initial source is likely from a bar where masks and social distancing may not have been used. In response to these positive tests, we have decided to be proactive and have closed the clinic to appointments for 10 days (maybe less) to allow our staff to self-isolate and prevent any spread of the virus to others. We will reopen no later than JULY 10th.

It has been determined that NONE of our clients or patients are considered exposed to COVID-19. We are very aware many will likely be concerned about our decision to close as it pertains to possible exposure to them and their pets, but we can assure you the possibility of exposure from our clinic is extremely low as determined by MDH. We have talked with the MN Department of Health extensively and reviewed our curbside and patient handling policies and procedures with them and they do not feel there is any risk to our clients or patients as our cleaning & handling protocols are very thorough.

Our biggest concern, and reason for our decision to close is very specific to our employees and keeping them safe. We have many team members with who are considered higher risk, or care for someone who is; we also have some staff members who have not been exposed and do not want to expose them. For these reasons, our management and owners felt it was in everyone’s best interest to close the clinic to allow staff to get tested and self-isolate to prevent any spreading of the virus. Our staff means the world to us and they work VERY closely with each other when handling patients; we just can’t take any chances with their health (or our clients & patients); especially if we have the ability to close and get past this safely.

We certainly hoped that we would not have to deal with COVID in our clinic, but it's here and we’re committed to doing the absolute best we can to mitigate any risk to our staff, clients and patients. We have staff that has not been exposed to the virus and felt that although they could work to keep the clinic open, we are choosing to keep them home as well to ensure that their place of employment is not a source of COVID for them.

During this time, should you need to contact us for any reason, we are recommending that you email us at contactus@stbonipethospital.com or use our “Contact Us” page on our website. We will have a doctor and technician monitoring this email closely, they will have remote access to patient medical records from home to get you answers to any questions or concerns you may have.  Additionally, we will have an extremely limited number of staff on site to fill prescriptions, take payments and answer phone calls. Please be patient with them as we anticipate they will be extremely busy.  

If you are picking up medications from the clinic, you will be required to pay via credit card over the phone. We are not accepting cash or checks for the time being. After payment, our staff will place your belongings in a bag outside our front door. We would also like to encourage the use of our online pharmacy for faster prescription approval and free shipping directly to your home.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience during this extremely difficult time. We are confident our entire staff will return to work July 10th healthy and strong. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns or to schedule future appointments for your pets.


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