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Now Hiring!

We are currently looking to hire a Certified Vet Technician part time or full time including Saturday rotation.

Send us your resume by email or fax: or 952-446-9182.

February Pet of the Month

Welcome to February everyone. My name is Ninja. My Mom, Sophie Crosby, affectionately calls me Ninjie, that’s her special name for me. I was a lost little kitten wandering around on Highway 7. Thank goodness she came along and saved me, otherwise I would not be here today. I love Sophie so much that at night I cuddle up as close as I can, and end up sleeping right on her face. I am very helpful in the morning, by nibbling on her nostril or ear lobe to wake her up and get her out of bed. I also sing for my supper by serenading her when my food bowl is empty. My favorite toys are rubber bands, shoelaces and hair binders, all of which are easily found in our house. With this cold weather I am always happy to snuggle and cuddle with my Mom. I love her so much that sometimes I get a little aggressive with my cuddling.

Congratulations Ninja!!

Nail Trims

Did you know...? We keep track of each nail trim your pet has at our clinic, and the 11th nail trim is always FREE!

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