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Parasite Preventatives: Is online really a good deal?

As the convenience and low prices of online pharmacies increases, we wanted to make sure our clients are making informed decisions about the products they are purchasing from these sources.

Products we recommend for parasite prevention:

  • Simparica Trio - All-in-One Chewable (Internal & External parasites)
  • Heartgard Plus - Dogs LOVE it!  (Internal parasites: heartworm, roundworm, & hookworm)
  • Nexgard - Chewable (External parasites: kills fleas and ticks, prevents spread of disease) 
  • Frontline Shield - Topical (External parasites: kills fleas and ticks AND repels mosquitoes, ticks & fleas) 
  • Revolution Plus (Cats)

*See our other blog posts for more details about these products and why we recommend them*

Top 5 reasons to purchase products from your vet:

  1. You can have the confidence that you are purchasing authentic product that is guaranteed by the manufacturer with our help and support should any issue arise.
  2. We will have proof of purchase. Manufacturers guarantee their product to work to prevent parasites in your pet and will reimburse you if it fails. Reimbursement may be an option if a test is positive after proof of purchase under a valid prescription and previously documented negative routine screenings. Parasites and diseases covered for potential reimbursement include:
    • Heartworm
    • Roundworm
    • Whipworm
    • Hookworm
    • Lyme disease
  3. We have an online pharmacy option that integrates with your pet's medical record so we know what your pet is getting and try to stay as price-competitive and convenient as we can. Our online pharmacy offers you:
    • Autoship options - the BEST way to never forget your monthly dosing and still get rebates!
    • Discount codes.
    • Maintains all manufacturer guarantees and our ability to help you navigate this process.
    • Rebates still apply.
    • More product options that we may not carry in clinic.
    • Click here to check it out: SBPH's Online Pharmacy
  4. Buy in clinic from us and there will never be any shipping or handling fees for product return should it be necessary.
  5. Instant rebates with NO hassle!

We understand the desire to price-shop and find the best product for the lowest price; we do it too! We are working hard to make sure that we give you the best options, best pricing and best guarantees that we can to support your pet and your pocketbook. In turn we ask you to please support your local community and purchase from us either in-clinic or via our accredited online pharmacy. Unaffiliated third-party pharmacies cost the clinic significant time and money and in the long run will only drive up our clinic costs and make it harder for us to stock the medications and supplies that you need now.

We will always respect your decision to shop elsewhere and we will never deny a valid prescription request. However, we have received an exponential increase of client complaints and concerns regarding the prescriptions ordered elsewhere that is causing us to be concerned about the products and service you are receiving. Because of this, we have decided that the best and easiest way to move forward is to remove ourselves from the equation and always provide you a written script that you can have filled at any pharmacy you choose. You can pick the script up in-clinic or we will mail it to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, we assure you we are only doing it with you and your beloved pets in mind. We want to ensure that you are receiving guaranteed product in a timely manner so that should it fail to work or cause your pet any issues, it is covered at no, or minimal, expense to you. 

As always, please contact us directly with any comments, questions or concerns you may have. We're here for you and your pets! 

Healthy Pets & Happy Clients - SBPH

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