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Flea & Tick Prevention: Nexgard

What is Nexgard?

Nexgard is a once-monthly, beef-flavored, chew tablet that helps kill fleas and ticks FAST to prevent transmission of tick-born diseases and infestation of fleas.

Why Nexgard?

Studies show that Nexgard is an excellent parasite preventative, and is statistically better all-around in safety and efficacy. What this means is that Nexgard works faster, lasts longer, has a great product guarantee, tastes good (easy to give!), and has a great complimentary internal parasite prevention product: Heartgard Plus. 

Nexgard Product Details: 

Price per dose$23-27 each
Tick kill rate>95% Tick kill after 48 hours
Lasts through the month
Flea kill Rate100% Flea kill in 24 hours
Dogs stay 100% flea free all month
Instant Rebates12 NG + 12 Heartgard = $75
6 NG + 12 Heartgard = $35
12 Nexgard = $35
6 Nexgard = $15
Product GuaranteeYES
ContraindicationsPuppies < 8 weeks old
Dogs under 4lbs
Safety MarginHigh Safety Margins

Is it safe to switch from one product to another?

Yes. There are no contraindications to switch products. 

Is Nexgard a prescription medication?

Yes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeling on Nexgard states that the medication is to be used by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. This means these kinds of preventives must be purchased from your veterinarian or with a prescription through a pet pharmacy. Prior to prescribing Nexgard, your pet must be seen by a veterinarian within the past year and will be allowed to get as many doses to get you to the next annual exam.

How is it sold and where can I get it?

Nexgard is generally sold in boxes of 6 or 12 doses. You can purchase individual doses with no discount or rebate. Rebates are instant at the time of purchase so there is no hassle of submitting receipts or waiting to get your money back. There are also discounts for purchasing in quantity, 6 doses saves 5% and a purchase of 12 doses saves 10% - these purchases also qualify for rebates! 

You can get this product anywhere you choose. We carry it in-clinic and sell it at the lowest price we can. When you purchase quantities of 6 or 12 the manufacturer has given us the ability to do instant rebates so there is no hassle for you. Should you prefer to use another pharmacy, just ask us for a written prescription and we'll have one ready for pick up within 24 hours of your request or before you leave your appointment.

How often do I need to give Nexgard?

It's extremely important that parasite preventatives be used once monthly and should be on-board anytime temperatures get above freezing. Even in cold weather states it's common to see external parasites year-round because of pets traveling to warmer climates and the resilience to cold these parasites are developing.

What should I use for internal parasite prevention such as Heartworm?

We recommend using Heartgard Plus, a complimentary product to Nexgard that is chewable and dogs love. See our other blog post   for more information.

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