Cremation Services

At SBPH, we are associated with VHA (Veterinary Hospitals Assocation) who handles our cremation services that we provide to our clients. After a thorough exam on your beloved pet, you have several options to choose from after your pet’s humane euthanasia:

1) You opt to take the body home. This means that you will handle and take full responsibility for all after care arrangements yourself by taking the body home immediately after euthanasia; You are aware of any applicable laws and regulations regarding the burial of a pet’s body and understand caution should be taken when disposing of animals euthanized with drugs/chemicals.

2) You opt for Individual Cremation. This means only one pet is placed inside an individual compartment within the machine and cremated individually. The cremains are returned to you through our clinic.

3) You opt for Communal Cremation. This option  means that pets are cremated together and  the cremains are buried off-site. This also means the cremains are not returned to you, the owner.

You may choose whichever option that is best for you and your family.  You do not need to decide which option until the time of your appointment. We also make a clay paw print imprint of your pet’s paw, along with their name on it at no charge. However, if you would like two or more to take home please let us know; there is only a small fee for additional clay paw prints.


Sometimes pets unfortunately pass away at home. Below is a list of other compassionate & professional local MN businesses that also provide cremation services.

Caring Paws
Pet Cremation
Phone: (612) 568-1097
Email: [email protected]

Companions Forever
Pet Cremation Service
Phone:  (320) 253-0022
Texting: (320) 761-8065

Pet Cremation Services of Minnesota
(952) 925-1234
Email: [email protected]

Pets Remembered
Cremation Service
Phone: (651) 633-4564 [Office] or (833) 633-4564 [Toll Free]
Email: [email protected]

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